Tomasz Skomorowski

Head of training. An experienced pilot of LOT Polish Airlines. Pilot in command on Boeing 787 Dreamliner, an examiner and flight instructor. Instructor for: PPL(A), CPL(A), MEP(L), IR(A), MCC. Holder of Boeing 777 / Boeing 787 Dreamliner type rating.

Wiesław Jedynak

Pilot - instructor. Captain with years of experience on the aircraft Embraer 170. He is also a Flight Operations Department Director in LOT Polish Airlines. He is a well-recognized expert in the field of operational procedures and aviation law.

Sławomir Kubiak

Passionate about aviation. Instructor for: SEP (L), MEP (L), IR(A), PC12 / IR, FI. A CAA certified examiner with ICAO English language standards. Slawomir teaches units in the field of aviation law and operational procedures.

Sławomir Majcher

Pilot in command on Embraer 175/195. Slawomir began his aviation career at the Department of Agro-Services in Mielec. Previously, a captain on ATR72, Embraer 145. For 5 years actively involved in The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity where he flies as captain of "Orkiestrolot" plane.

Paweł Skoneczny

An engineer in Continiung Airwothiness Mgmt Department in LOT Polish Airlines, where he is responsible for maintaining the technical standards of the fleet. An airplane pilot with PPL (A) SEP (L)license. An experienced educator in the field of aircraft general knowledge.

Rafał Biedrzycki

For 15 years professionally involved with aviation as flight dispatcher. He worked as chief flight dispatcher and Deputy Director at Operations Centre in Eurolot Airlines. Currently, works as head of the Operational Management Unit in LOT Polish Airlines. Rafal is a CAA certified FDL examiner and a PPL, ME pilot.

Paweł Wiśniewski

A graduate of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering in Warsaw. Since 1994 associated with LOT Polish Airlines. Pawel is a dispatcher with a solid experience in aircraft performance, weight& balance fields. A glider instructor and PPL(A) pilot.

Ewa Dziełak

A graduate of the Maritime University of Szczecin in the field of navigation. An experienced flight dispatcher with FDL license. She has vast experience in the field of performance and flight planning. She works in the Operational Management Unit in LOT Polish Airlines.

Krzysztof Zieliński

An Engineer, a Power and Aeronautical Engineering graduate of Warsaw University of Technology. Specialist of performance and planning with many years of experience. Holder of numerous “Performance Training" course certificates of such companies as Boeing and Embraer. On a daily basis, he cooperates with pilots and dispatchers in LOT Polish Airlines.

Robert Sotnik

CAA certified specialist in aircraft performance and planning. Robert has many years of experience in flight planning. Currently, shift manager of LOT Operational Management Unit in LOT Polish Airlines.

Bożena Kajfasz

A physician with a second degree specialization in internal medicine. She is a CAA certified aviation medical examiner, authorized to issue aviation medical certificates for class 1,2,3 for members of the flight crew. A specialist in the field of transport medicine. In LOT Flight Academy an instructor in the field of "Human performance and limitations".

Janusz Burzmiński

An engineer and meteorologist. A graduate of the Military Technical Academy at the Department of Sanitary Engineering and Water Management, with a specialization in military meteorology. He was a synopsis and director of meteorological services in the 6th Military Airbase in Deblin. Since 2011, he has been teaching aeronautical meteorology at the Aviation Training Centre for Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin.

Dariusz Szajkowski

Pilot of LOT Polish Airlines on Embraer 170. Dariusz actively takes part in aircraft and glider acrobatics. He is also a CAA examiner. In LFA reposnsible for such course units as : Communications.

Tadeusz Wiącek

An epxerienced pilot and instructor on Embraer 170 at LOT Polish Airlines. A graduate of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. In LOT Flight Academy a Navigation instructor.

Maciej Ostrowski

A meteorologist with many years of experience. He is an expert of the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation in the field of synoptic meteorology and weather condition analysis. He co-wrote a number of publications, among others, "Meteorology for sport aviation." He was the first meteorologist who participated in Antarctic Expeditions with Polish Academy of Sciences.

Filip Reszke

Specialist with an experience in the management of the base-line and aircraft maintenance for aircraft types such as: Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 737-300 / 400/500, Embraer-170/190. In LOT Flight Academy, he teaches “Aircraft General Knowledge.

Maciej Maciejewicz

An Engineer with specialization in Aerospace Engineering. A specialist in fleet maintenance management in LOT Polish Airlines. In private life, a fully licensed PPL(A) pilot.