Pilot interview

Pilot interview

For future pilots, English language is an indispensable tool of exchanging information. It is meant to ensure an undisturbed flow of information among the crew members, thus increasing the safety of flight operations.

Airlines have been putting an increasing emphasis on verification of the ability to fluently communicate in English, checking not only Standard Phraseology but also general skills of how pilot-to-uses effectively use plain English, especially in non-routine situations.

General information

We are happy to offer to future pilots a short training during which we will prepare you for linguistic challenges posed in modern cockpit cooperation.

During this 5-hour training you will learn:

  1. How to boost your English language skills at a relatively low workload input
  2. Fluently and automatically respond to questions and tasks
  3. Increase the accuracy of your utterances
  4. Avoid basic linguistic errors that might lead to misunderstandings
  5. Make your language sound more natural and universally comprehensible


The meeting will comprise a presentation of key issues such as useful words, set phrases and utterances commonly used in the aviation industry. We will teach you their exact meaning and pronunciation. Additionally, focusing on typical examination techniques will help you take part in the next recruitment process with more confidence and ease. This flash course is designed to get you to speak therefore most of the time you will be devoted to pair work so you will have an opportunity to immediately use and thoroughly practice newly acquired lexical and grammatical items. The whole session will be constantly monitored by an English tutor, who will be there to support, explain and ensure the linguistic progress and accuracy of the training.


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