ALSIM ALX - available from September 2015!

LOT Flight Academy will offers various types of training in the most modern flight simulator class FNTPII in Poland - ALSIM ALX. ALX is a training device for flight and navigation procedures. It is approved and authorized by EASA and the FAA:


  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNTPII for piston models
  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNTPII MCC for turbofan and turboprop models
  • FAA 61-136 AATD
  • TC TP9685E FTD Level2 (+ IR renewal)



The ALX covers the following flight trainings

  • PPL - Private Pilot License
  • CPL - Commercial Pilot License
  • IR - Instrument Rating
  • ME - Multi-Engine Rating
  • MCC - Multi Crew Co-operation
  • Jet orientation

Main features of ALX

  • Two seat aircraft cockpit
  • Basic and complex single engine piston (analog & glass cockpit)
  • Twin engine piston (analog & glass cockpit)
  • Twin light Jet (glass cockpit)
  • Twin light turboprop (glass cockpit)
  • Twin medium turboprop (glass cockpit)
  • Twin medium Jet (glass cockpit)
  • 208° x 49° HD Visual system with relief and coastal lines
  • Dual FMS/Complex OverHead
  • Detailed airport
  • Nav Database
  • Pilot and Copilot nose wheel steering
  • TCAS & Weather Radar
  • Dual GTN 650 avionics
  • Nav Database

The ALX is a flight training device able to simulate the following aircraft classes


Aircraft Class Close to Analogue Glass Details
Basic Single Engine Piston Cessna 172 X X Fixed propeller gear
Complex Single Engine Piston PA28 Arrow X X Variable pitch propeller, retractable gear
Multi Engine Piston PA44 Seminole X X TCAS, Wx Radar
Small Twin Engine Turboprop King Air B200   X TCAS, Wx Radar
Medium Twin Engine Turboprop ATR 42   X Nose wheel steering, TCAS, Wx Radar
Light Jet Turbofan Citation II   X FMS, TCAS, Wx Radar
Medium Jet Turbofan A320   X FMS, nose wheel steering, TCAS, Wx Radar


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