PPL(A) stands for Private Pilot's License, which is the first step in the aviation career. In most countries, PPL(A) entitles you to act as a pilot in command of any private aircraft for no remuneration.


The course will enable you to operate as a private pilot on a single engine airplane and a co-pilot on a single/multi-engine airplane in commercial air transportation and get paid for doing it.


With LOT Flight Academy you can pursue your professional career to the highest level. If you dream about flying a large passenger aircraft, cargo or business jet - sign up for our integrated Airline Pilot Training program.

VFR Night

The qualification allows pilots to fly during night time in VMC - this opens up whole new world of flying. This can be quite a handy addition to your license should you be delayed by weather or for any other reason.


Qualification adds up new abilities to the existing license. It allows you to operate the aircraft according to IFR-Instrument Flight Rules. IR/ME enhances pilots flying skills and takes non-technical skills as a commander to a higher level.


After gaining the necessary skills and experience it is time to get on the larger, two engine aircrafts. MCC course is a certainly new challenge but what comes with it a greater opportunity as well.


MCC training is one of the last steps in the development and training of an airline pilot. During the lectures and simulator exercises you will learn how to effectively collaborate in a multi-crew.


During the training, you will learn the basics of flying on jet aircrafts. Nowadays, many airlines require that prospective pilots complete a Jet Orientation Course prior to applying.

Pilot interview

For future pilots, English language is an indispensable tool of exchanging information. It is meant to ensure an undisturbed flow of information among the crew members, thus increasing the safety of flight operations.

Be a pilot for a day

Becoming a pilot is possibly the most common and daring dream of our childhood. Now you have a chance to make your dream come true! Take over the aircraft’s cockpit for one day!


When you are facing a challenge of recruitment to the airline, or simply had a break in IFR flights and you would like work on your multi-crew co-operation skills, our refreshment training is a course for you!