Aviation English

Preparation course for ICAO Aviation English Examination


  • to become acquainted with the structure and contents of the examination
  • to familiarize with ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale and ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs)
  • to get acquainted with the criteria of assessment
  • to build key vocabulary and expressions
  • to improve fluency and pronunciation
  • to acquire language skills to manage various situations in aviation environment


3 days


  • Introduction to aviation English:
    • ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale
    • ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs);
    • standard phraseology and plain language
  • Structure of the plane and the cockpit flight control systems
  • Ground movements:
    • airport markings and signs
    • airport areas
    • ground equipment
  • Runway incursions:
    • communication errors
    • low visibility operations
    • animals in the flight path
  • Environmental threats (meteorology):
    • types of weather phenomena
    • effects of weather on flight paths
    • dealing with icing
    • dealing with fire days
  • Stressful situations:
    • bird strikes
    • ill/ disruptive/ suspicious passenger
    • oil leak
    • loss of instrumentation
  • Handling a technical malfunction:
    • aircraft system failures
  • Medical assistance
    • the most common medical emergencies
    • handling medical emergency situations

The course will be completed by some grammar issues, e.g.:

  • revision of basic tenses in English
  • conditionals
  • active and passive voice
  • modals: must/have, should have/ might have, must/can’t etc.
  • reported speech (range of tenses)
  • problematic topics reported by Trainees


LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101, D3
02-231 Warsaw




300 Euro gross

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