Our fleet

LOT Flight Academy provides training on two types of aircraft: single-engine Tecnam P2008JC and twin-engine Tecnam P2006T.

Both aircraft models due to their high reliability, durability and ease of piloting are excellent for training and often chosen by professional airline centers around the world.


Tecnam P2006T

P2006T twin-engine Tecnam is currently among the most popular aircrafts used for flight training. The aircraft is equipped with a modern digital avionics and autopilot Garmin 950 that meet all IFR standards.

In LOT Flight Academy Tecnam P2006T is used for all MEP(L), IR/ME CPL(A) training sessions.

Tecnam P2008JC

A single-engine aircraft that combines good performance with the economics of flight. It is equipped with digital avionics Garmin G3X. In LOT Flight Academy Tecnam 2008 is used for basic flight training including night VFR flight sessions. It is characterized by easiness of piloting, predictable and safe behavior in the air.

Technical Info

Aircrafts in the fleetSP-LFB, SP-LFC, SP-LFD, SP-LFE,
Number of seats24
EquipmentGarmin G3X, ELT, Transponder z modem S, NAV/COM/GPSGarmin G950 Glasscockpit, Autopilot, ELT, Transponder z modem S, Traffic Alert System (TAS), NAV/COM/GPS
Engine1 x ROTAX 912 ULS22 x ROTAX 912 S3
Maximum takeoff weight630 kg1230 kg
Cruising speed116 kts (215 km/h)140 kts (260 km/h)
Cruising altitude13000 ft (3962 m)15000 ft (4572 m)
Minimum take-off distance1180 ft (360 m)1476 ft (450 m)
Minimum Landind Distance915 ft (280 m)1050 ft (320 m)
Range1172 km1374 km