ATPL(A) 100KSA Training

Airline Transport Pilot License

With LOT Flight Academy you can pursue your professional career to the highest level. If you dream about flying a large passenger aircraft, cargo or business jet – sign up for our integrated Airline Pilot Training program.

ATPL(A) is the license every student pilot aspires to when embarking upon a career professionally. It entitles you to work for any airline and it is the last step in the training process of a future pilot. Once obtained the ATPL(A) license, you can act as pilot-in- command of an aircraft in commercial air transport. Our instructors – top leading LOT pilots – will route you into a cockpit of a commercial aircraft. They will do their best to prepare you professionally and at the highest level – both during the theoretical and practical course.

During the whole training you will be assisted by the most experienced, flight instructors of LOT Polish Airlines. Take your first step and sign up for our professional flight courses.

General information

  • ATPL(A) book set

Distance learning system that includes:

  • Electronic version of books
  • CBT lets
  • Animated models
  • Self Assessment and Progress Tests, Re-Tests, Online question bank
  • Study guides
  • Access to a new Learning Management System

Theoretical ATPL(A) training

Stationary and distance-learning (e-learning)

  • 130 hours seminars:
  • General navigation
  • Instrumentation
  • Flight planning
  • Meteorology
  • Human performance & limitations
  • Communications
  • Mass & balance
  • Radio navigation
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Aviation law
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Performance


LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • Age: minimum 17 years old
  • Valid PPL(A) licence or higher
  • Lower seondary education or equivalent
  • iOS device 


Theory: 3100 EUR

Any questions?

+48 536 364 354