MEP(L) Training

Multi Engine Piston (Land)

After gaining the necessary skills and experience, it is time to get on the larger, two engine aircraft. MEP(L) training is a certainly new challenge, but what comes with it a greater opportunity as well.

General information

During the theoretical part of MEP(L) training, we will show you all the differences associated with the multi engine flight operations. We will tell you all about construction, engines, systems and procedures. What is also remarkable is that we increased the number of hours of the theoretical training from 7 to 10. It is crucial for us to get you prepared before the practical course in a most effective way.

It is about the time to deal with an entirely new construction and systems. During the training, you will learn to fly not only in normal conditions, but above all you will learn to cope with such emergencies as one engine failure and asymmetric thrust. We put the emphasis on procedures and the task division in the cockpit, drawing on the best practices of airline aviation. These skills, will certainly pay off in the future, during each flight on a twin-engine airplane and during MCC training.

Theoretical MEP(L) training

  • 10 hours of stationary training

Practical MEP(L) training

  • 6 hours of training on Tecnam 2006 plane.



LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • 1 or 2 Medical Class Certificate
  • Valid PPL (A) license with 70 hrs of flight time or CPL (A)


3 500 EUR

Any questions?

+48 536 364 354