JOC Training

Jet Orientation Course

During the JOC training, you will learn the basics of flying on jet aircraft. Nowadays, many airlines require that prospective pilots complete a Jet Orientation Course prior to applying. LFA’s JOC course has been designed to meet all these standards of every airline.

General information

JOC course is an excellent method to prepare every pilot for airline selection assessments, as well as your first type rating. It familiarizes candidates with the performance of jet aircraft operations, with an emphasis on the differences between the planes from the segment of general aviation and those of bigger airline aircraft.

The training program was designed by LOT Polish Airlines pilots in cooperation with the type training instructors (TRI) and persons responsible for the Airline Crew Recruitment.

Training is conducted on the most advanced simulator in Poland, ALSIME ALX with its medium jet flight model based on the Airbus A319. During the training you will get familiar with the mechanics of a typical jet plane, its advanced systems (A/P, A/T, FMS, TCAS, weather radar) and procedures associated with their use. Training is conducted in pairs under the supervision of our experienced instructors, thus it also gives an additional opportunity to refresh multi-crew co-operation (MCC) skills based on procedures developed in accordance with the standards of LOT Polish Airlines.


  • 8 hours of lectures including:
  • aerodynamics and flight mechanics of high-speed aircraft
  • pilot jet specifications
  • Medium Jet Aircraft familiarization
  • Standard Operational Procedures of ALSIME ALX Medium Jet simulator


  • 8h of simulator training, divided into two sessions, four hours each. Exercises in flight include:
  • The use of automation in multi-pilot operations
  • Stall at low and high altitudes
  • Continous Descent Approach (CDA)
  • Use of systems: FMS, TCAS, weather radar
  • Emergency procedures: after take-off engine failure, emergency descent, driftdown procedure



LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • CPL(A) + IR/ME + MCC


1 200 EUR

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