When you are facing a challenge of recruitment to the airline, or simply had a break in IFR flights and you would like work on your multi-crew co-operation skills, our refreshment training is a course for you!

General information

The aim of the training is to refresh skills in IFR flying and multi-crew co-operation. During the intensive, three-hour training on our modern simulator ALSIM ALX you will have a chance to work with our experienced airline instructors on the most important aspects of IFR flying and multi-crew co-operation from the very first procedure before the take-off till the last check on your after-landing checklist.

Refreshment training is a perfect choice for those who are about to apply to the airline or had a longer break in flying. Our simulator gives almost unlimited possibilities thus it match almost everyone’s individual needs.


  • 3 hours training on ALSIM ALX simulator, including:
  • SID / STAR procedures
  • Precision and non-precision approaches
  • Missed approach procedure
  • Holding
  • Emergencies


LOT Flight Academy
43 Komitetu Obrony Robotnikow St.
02-146 Warsaw


  • CPL(A) + IR/ME


279 Euro netto (VAT exepm.)

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