Evaluation of predispositions to work as a pilot

When you dream about becoming a pilot besides obvious criteria such as knowledge, pilot skills or having required permissions, you need to acknowledge how important individual characteristics are when it comes to pursuing this career. Due to its specifics and range, pilot training, on a variety of levels, focuses on gathering knowledge and skills.


In order to satisfy the market, but mostly focusing on future pilot candidates needs, we decided to create unique program which allows you to look into your predispositions for this unique job. We combined our experience within aviation training and the perspective of a recruiting team to give people who dream about flying an opportunity to make a mindful decision.

We have designed our program on the basis of ICAO key pilot’s competence, which gives you the opportunity to learn your strengths as well as areas for development. When you participate, you have one of a kind chance to experience how airlines recruit and how they might rate your predispositions!

Evaluation process

Our program from the start to the end has an individual approach—the first step is meeting with a psychologist who is an expert when it comes to evaluating a pilot’s predispositions. He can answer all of your questions as well as resolve all of your doubts. After a quick conversation, you will take tests that are similar to those used during airlines recruitment. Tools used to evaluate you don’t test your ability to fly an aircraft. They focus on general characteristics that pilots need, such as quick response to various stimuli, ability to focus, multitasking, personality, handling stress, and working under time pressure. It means that even if you don’t have any experience as a pilot, your test results will still be valid. What is more, working at a flight deck for years doesn’t guarantee a great test result.

We know that when it comes to working as a pilot, social skills such as effective communication and partnership are significant. To explore those areas after test results you will have a chance to take part in a session in a simulator during which you will have an ability to see how well you cooperate with a flight crew.

Our program ends with a meeting with a psychologist, he will summarize and discuss your results. You will receive personalized feedback as well as an individual report that highlights your strengths as well as areas for development. You will discuss what you can do to improve your weaknesses in order to make a mindful decision regarding your future and make a dream of becoming a pilot a reality!

Sign up for our evaluation of predispositions program, get to know your strengths and make your dreams come true!


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Price: Evaluation of predispositions (interview+test+feedback+individual report)  (4h)

400 EUR

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