IR/ME Training

Instrument Rating / Multi Engine

IR/ME qualification adds up new abilities to the existing license. It allows you to operate the aircraft according to IFR-Instrument Flight Rules. IR/ME enhances pilot’s flying skills and takes non-technical skills as a commander to a higher level. It is especially required if you are thinking about working as professional in the airlines.

General information

It is the time to get familiar with a completely new type of flying – when the pilot must be able to fly the aircraft in reference to his instruments only. He must be able to navigate and know his position by reference to the instruments in the aircraft cockpit, using complex procedures in each phase of flight from take-off to landing.

The student must first acquire the theoretical knowledge on our ATPL(A) or IR(A) course. Then our instructors, airline pilots who perform IFR flights on a daily basis, will give you the practical training during which they will share the best practices and experience derived from thousands of flying hours.

We conduct our training on the most advanced simulator in Poland, ALSIME ALX and a twin-engine Tecnam P2006T aircraft. With IR(A)/ME qualification, you will be entitled to fly twin-engine aircraft under IFR rules up to a minimum decision height of 200 feet.


Practical IR/ME training

55 hours:

  • 40 hours of training on ALSIME ALX simulator
  • 15 hours of training on Tecnam P2006T


LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • PPL(A)
  • ME qualification and 10 hours of flight time on multi-engine aircraft
  • 50 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC


11 000 EUR

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