0-ATPL(A) Training program

A training program for people who dream of becoming pilots and want to take the steers of a passenger aircraft in the future. Our ATO’s participants choose this offer the most often, and many of them have already found employment in airlines, including LOT Polish Airlines. General Information During the training, from the very beginning, ...

PPL(A) Licence

PPL(A) stands for Private Pilot's License, which is the first step in the aviation career. In most countries, PPL(A) entitles you to act as a pilot in command of any private aircraft for no remuneration.

VFR Night Training

The qualification allows pilots to fly during night time in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) - this opens up whole new world of flying. This can be quite a handy addition to your license should you be delayed by weather or for any other reason.

ATPL(A) 100KSA Training

ATPL is the license every student pilot aspires to when embarking upon a career professionally. It entitles you to work for any airline and it is the last step in the training process of a future pilot.

MEP(L) Training

After gaining the necessary skills and experience it is time to get on the larger, two engine aircrafts. MCC course is a certainly new challenge but what comes with it a greater opportunity as well.

CPL(A) Training

CPL (A) is another step on the road to your professional flying career. The course will enable you to operate as a private pilot on a single engine airplane and a co-pilot on a single/multi-engine airplane in commercial air transportation and get paid for doing it.

IR/ME Training

IR/ME qualification adds up new abilities to the existing license. It allows you to operate the aircraft according to IFR-Instrument Flight Rules. IR/ME enhances pilots flying skills and takes non-technical skills as a commander to a higher level.

MCC Training

MCC training is one of the last steps in the development and training of an airline pilot. During the lectures and simulator exercises you will learn how to effectively collaborate in a multi-crew.

JOC Training

During the training, you will learn the basics of flying on jet aircrafts. Nowadays, many airlines require that prospective pilots complete a Jet Orientation Course prior to applying.

UPRT Training

UPRT- Upset Prevention and Recovery Training


When you are facing a challenge of recruitment to the airline, or simply had a break in IFR flights and you would like work on your multi-crew co-operation skills, our refreshment training is a course for you!

FI(A) Training

Obtaining FI (A) qualification allows you to perform paid work as a flight instructor (FI) and, thus, gain new experience in your aviation career. For people, who decide to take training at our ATO, it is possible to start cooperation as an FI(A) instructor in the future, here at LFA.

Be a pilot for a day

Becoming a pilot is possibly the most common and daring dream of our childhood. Now you have a chance to make your dream come true! Take over the aircraft’s cockpit for one day!

Familiarization flight

General information: If you are wondering whether the profession of a pilot is for you and whether you can manage at all at the training stage, the familiarization flight is exactly for you! It gives the opportunity to make an informed decision and make sure that the chosen  field of study is the right one. ...

Evaluation of predispositions to work as a pilot

When you dream about becoming a pilot besides obvious criteria such as knowledge, pilot skills or having required permissions, you need to acknowledge how important individual characteristics are when it comes to pursuing this career. Due to its specifics and range, pilot training, on a variety of levels, focuses on gathering knowledge and skills.   ...

Overcome your fear of flying

Fear of flying is often a barrier to discovering the world. We have created a unique program to help you overcome it! We combined our knowledge and experience from commercial aviation and psychology and made a unique program for everyone who suffers from fear of flying. We designed it concentrating on individual work, the whole ...