0-ATPL(A) Training program

Airline Transport Pilot License

A training program for people who dream of becoming pilots and want to take the steers of a passenger aircraft in the future. Our ATO’s participants choose this offer the most often, and many of them have already found employment in airlines, including LOT Polish Airlines.

General Information

During the training, from the very beginning, the participant is under the watchful eye of professionals who help to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and excellent aircraft piloting skills. Our staff consists of aviation enthusiasts and people who have been associated with the industry for years. Both lecturers and instructors are associated with LOT Polish Airlines, which allows us to maintain the standard of training at the highest world level.

The 0-ATPL (A) training course consists of 10 modules in total and includes:

  • PPL(A)
  • VFR Night
  • ATPL (A) / 100 KSA Theory
  • Hour building – 110h
  • MEP(L)
  • CPL(A) + UPRT
  • IRME
  • UPRT Advanced
  • MCC
  • JOC

This is a list of qualifications that allows you to participate in the recruitment process, thus applying for the first officer position in an airline. The training is divided into the theoretical part, which takes place in Warsaw, and the practical part, which is carried out at the EPPT airport – Piotrków Trybunalski. In the attachment, you can find a detailed offer and information on the cost and course of the training.


LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • 18 years old
  • Class 1 medical certificate
  • Secondary education as a minimum
  • English language knowledge




  • PPL(A) theory 1000 EUR
  • PPL(A) practice 6600 EUR
  • VFR Night Rating 1140 EUR
  • ATPL(A) theoretical training 3100 EUR
  • Hours building training (110 h) 13200 EUR
  • Multi Engine Rating 2900 EUR
  • CPL(A) practical training 7500 EUR
  • UPRT Advanced 3000 EUR
  • IR/ME practical training 9500 EUR
  • Multi Crew Coordination Course 1800 EUR
  • Jet Orientation Course 900 EUR

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