MCC Training

Multi Crew Coordination

MCC training is one of the last steps in the development and training of an airline pilot. During the lectures and simulator exercises, you will learn how to effectively collaborate in a multi-crew.


General information

The aim of the training is to develop both technical and non-technical skills required to operate a Multi Pilot Aircraft (MPA) in a multi crew environment. During the lectures our experienced instructors, active LOT pilots will discuss in detail the issues related to such aspects as the division of tasks, multi-crew cooperation, communication and decision-making skills.

The practical training is conducted in pairs, on the most modern simulator in Poland. It is the crucial time to develop good habits in both: routine operations and emergencies, and to notice the last shortcomings before applying to all airlines.


Theoretical MCC training

  • 25 hours of lectures:
  • Communication
  • Leadership, authority and teamwork
  • Situational awareness
  • Work Management
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Monitoring and checking
  • The division of tasks
  • The use of checklists
  • Briefing
  • Leadership / Flight Management
  • The use of FMS
  • Routine operation of systems
  • Abnormal and emergency systems operation
  • Environment, weather and air traffic control


Practical MCC training

  • 20 hours of training on the ALSIM ALX simulator



LOT Flight Academy
Jutrzenki 99/101 , D3
02-231 Warsaw


  • CPL(A)
  • IR/ME


2 500 EUR

Any questions?

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