Be a pilot for a day

Becoming a pilot is possibly the most common and daring dream of our childhood. Now you have a chance to make your dream come true! Take over the aircraft’s cockpit for one day!

General information

“Be a pilot for a day” course offers a full-day session in a professional flight simulator under the guidance and supervision of the best Polish active pilots. During the training you will learn how to take off, land the plane or communicate in the air. During the training we will also show you our operation centre- a heart of every airline-where flight dispatchers plan, coordinate and make sure every plane takes off on time. The instructors will give you a glimpse of every day pilot’s duties before the flight. At the end of the day you will know how to prepare the flight crew briefing in which you will take part.

“Be a pilot for a day” is an excellent opportunity for those who are afraid to fly. We will show you there is nothing to be afraid of! With us you will love flying the planes! Bring your friends, make your own professional flight crew, take control over your dreams and fly wherever you want! The offer is dedicated both to individuals and organized groups as well as companies. “Be a pilot for a day” – can be an original gift for your beloved ones!

What will you need to do before you can begin flying? How do you choose a flight school? How long will it take? During the session you will also discover exactly what you will need to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot.


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LOT Flight Academy
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  • 16 years old


230 Euro gross



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