Overcome your fear of flying

Fear of flying is often a barrier to discovering the world. We have created a unique program to help you overcome it!

We combined our knowledge and experience from commercial aviation and psychology and made a unique program for everyone who suffers from fear of flying. We designed it concentrating on individual work, the whole workshop takes 6 hours. Furthermore, we can also arrange it as an all day activity for a group.


– Dates are scheduled individually. Our program uses verified techniques, and we believe that we can help anyone defeat their fear. We would like to learn and understand your needs in order to match our program to your expectations, and that’s why we will reach out to you before our meeting.

We divided our program into two parts:

Part one:

Firstly, you will meet with a transport psychologist and a psychotherapist, who will explain to you how anxiety works and how it affects you. We will work on things that feed your fear and how you can manage it before and during the flight. The most important aspect of this meeting is learning the most effective tools that you can use when the fear takes over.

We designed our program on the basis of cognitive-behavioral therapy, it will help you improve the way you react. Our program is based on Evidence-Based Practice, we use a wide range of tools and protocols when it comes to overcoming your fear because we know that not every method works for everyone.

Our goal is to help you find the ones that work for you!

Part two:

Secondly, you will meet with one of our flight instructor who works in airlines on a daily basis, he will invite you to join him in a Boeing 737 simulator. It is one of a kind chance for you to better understand flying from the professional point of view.

We know that this kind of knowledge will help you understand, and if you fully understand certain processes, the fear won’t take control over you. You will experience what it feels like to work at the flight deck, for a moment you will be a part of an aircrew, and you will finally get answers to all of your burning questions.

You will also test all of our fear managing techniques in realistic conditions. We usually fear of things that we don’t understand. That is why we strongly believe that this experience will change the way you view flying.


Examples of topics we cover in our meetings:

– How planes work?

– What is a turbulence, is it fully safe?

– What does the professional pilot training look like?

– Why are there so many noises during the flight? Discussing all phases of flight with sounds and explanation.

– What do pilots do during a malfunction, for example, during an engine failure?

– Why are there so many protocols in aviation? Can protocols affect our sense of safety?


Sign up for our program, overcome the fear and enjoy your flight!


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