Familiarization flight

General information:

If you are wondering whether the profession of a pilot is for you and whether you can manage at all at the training stage, the familiarization flight is exactly for you!

It gives the opportunity to make an informed decision and make sure that the chosen  field of study is the right one.

During the flight, you have the opportunity to pilot the plane yourself and perform basic maneuvers under the supervision of an instructor. The pilot will also talk about the course of all stages of the 0- ATPL (A) training, which will allow you to make your dream job in the future.

Do not hesitate, sign up for the familiarization flight and check your predispositions under the supervision of professionals!


Determined individually


  • Ustalane indywidualnie


– Piotrków Trybunalski / EPPT

– Toruń / EPTO


Aviation passion


950 zł brutto – godzinny lot   Szkolenie przeprowadzane jest w języku polskim

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