Below you can check answers to the most frequently asked questions about LOT Flight Academy and flight training. If, unfortunately, you have not found the answer to your questions, or you still have doubts, please contact our office!

LOT Flight Academy

Yes of course! LOT Flight Academy has a valid Approved Training Organization (ATO) certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with the requirements of European aviation regulations. The validity of the certificate is extended during annual audits, which confirm that LOT Flight Academy meets the standards in the field of aviation training.

LOT Flight Academy was established by LOT Polish Airlines in 2015. Initially as a unit of the Crew Training Office of PLL LOT, but it is now part of Polish Aviation Academy SP. Z O.O.

Polish Aviation Academy is a “daughter company” of the Polish Aviation Group specializing in the training of pilots and Cabin Crews.

We will be very pleased to meet you in the cockpit of one of the LOT Polish Airlines planes, but we must honestly say that currently, after completing training at LFA, we do not guarantee employment. Graduates of LFA training must go through the same recruitment process as other candidates.

However, what we guarantee is reliable preparation for the work of a pilot and the recruitment process, substantive support at every stage of the training, and keeping our fingers crossed for you on the day of the interview!

Definitely yes! Since the beginning of the existence of LOT Flight Academy, many of our students have achieved their dream airline pilot job. Most of them are first officers at LOT Polish Airlines, but some have also started working for other carriers.

Our lecturers are active pilots and experts working in the aviation and operational areas of LOT Polish Airlines.

Practical and simulator training instructors are mostly LOT Polish Airlines pilots, but we also cooperate with instructors who are currently not active airline pilots.

For the EU Citizens it is necessary to provide us with:

  • a scan of your documents (passport, ID Card)
  • Medical Certificate Class 1 or 2
  • ICAO English certificate grade 4/5/6
  • Application Form

For the Non-EU Citizens it is necessary to provide us with:

*Attention: Currently Russian citizens are banned from receiving an approval for participation in aviation training in Poland.

Training financing

No, LOT Polish Airlines, the Polish Aviation Academy or the LOT Flight Academy do not finance aviation training and do not offer the so-called loyalty agreements, i.e. financing part or all of aviation training in exchange for working it off or reimbursement of its costs after employment in the airline.

It is your responsibility to ensure training funding.

No, LOT Flight Academy does not provide accommodation for the duration of the training.

The only form of payment we accept is a bank transfer to our account. You will find the transfer details in the contract signed with LFA.

At LOT Flight Academy, we ask you to pay the training fee before each module starts. However, if you are taking several training courses or an entire professional program at LFA, we do not expect you to pay the entire amount in advance!

The training is then divided into individual modules and before starting the module, we ask you to pay only for this module. In addition, a detailed payment schedule is included in the training contract concluded with the LFA.

Of course yes! We will be happy to help you obtain funding and complete the formalities, but please remember that we are a flight school and assistance in completing funding applications is not our scope of activity. Therefore, we will only certify the applications of candidates who have concluded a training contract with the LFA.

Additionally, make sure to check your local EU funding regulations.

Practical training

Practical training is conducted at the aeroclub airport in Piotrków Trybunalski and Toruń. Our training base are located there.

The simulator training is conducted at the headquarters of LOT Polish Airlines at 43, and at the headquarters of LOT Flight Academy at 99/101/D3 Jutrzenki Street in Warsaw.

Of course! We honor all certificates of completed training conducted in accordance with EASA regulations. In this case, in addition to the standard formalities necessary to start practical training, we will invite you to our additional internal theoretical exam (KWT – Theoretical Knowledge Control). This exam should not cause you any problems, and it will give us a chance to get to know you from the aviation side!

Of course! In such a situation, however, please contact our office, whose employees will provide you with comprehensive information on transferring the training to LOT Flight Academy.

Before you start flying with LFA, we will need to verify your theoretical and practical training and develop a special, individual training program tailored to your needs and at the same time compliant with the requirements of the regulations. The rest of the formalities are the same as for students starting any practical training at LFA.

Regardless of at what stage of training you join LOT Flight Academy, before you start flying, you will have to:

  • Sign a contract for training and pay for it.
  • Provide copies of the required documents. The employees of our office will inform you about what documents we will need from you. Depenting on your nationality, these documants may differ.
  • Pass our internal theoretical exams, i.e. a test of knowledge of the aircraft you will fly on and a test of knowledge of standard operating procedures. The study materials in electronic form will be provided to you by employees of our office, and you can take the exams at a time convenient for you.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give you an unambiguous answer when you will be able to complete the practical training. There are many factors that influence this. It depends primarily on your availability, and the availability of instructors and aircraft occupancy. Also, remember that practical training for the PPL(A) license is subject to numerous restrictive regulations regarding weather conditions, training time and aviation activities, as well as the way of conducting the training itself.

The MCC practical training consists of 5 four-hour simulator sessions. During theoretical training you will meet your “sim-partner” and you will be assigned a leading instructor. You will arrange simulator sessions directly with him.

We have simplified the planning of flight schedules to the maximum. Before the start of the practical training, we will contact you with your leading instructor. Then each week you can provide us with your availibility. Based on that we will book a plane for you via our online system.

Theoretical training

Classes as part of theoretical training are conducted at the headquarters of LOT Flight Academy, at 99/101/D3 Jutrzenki Street in Warsaw.

Theoretical training for the PPL(A) license is conducted in the form of traditional lectures, which take place according to a specific schedule. Weekly meetings start on Saturday and Sunday. Classes start at 9 am and last until 5 pm. On days off from work and holidays, we all rest.

The PPL(A) training includes 6 such weekend meetings. A detailed schedule is published on the website in the PPL(A) training tab.

In order for us to issue you a certificate of completion of theoretical training, you must meet two conditions.

The first is attendance at classes of at least 75%.

The second is to pass internal theoretical exams. The exams are conducted in the form of a multiple choice test and cover all subjects.

After completing the PPL(A) theoretical training, you can start practical training or sign up for an exam session at the Civil Aviation Authority. Is it better to start flying first and then take exams at the CAA or vice versa, you have to judge for yourself.

If you feel up to it, nothing stands in the way of training yourself practically and taking subsequent exams at the Civil Aviation Authority at the same time. Just remember that before taking the practical exam for the PPL(A) license, you must pass all the theoretical exams at the CAO, and their validity period is limited!

And of course, congratulations on completing your first flight training!

Unfortunately no! The certificate of completion of theoretical training is valid for 12 months. During this time, you must take practical exams at the Civil Aviation Authority. Otherwise, it will be necessary to repeat part of the theoretical training.

Theoretical training for the ATPL(A) license is conducted in the form of traditional lectures, exercises and classes with instructors, which take place according to a specific schedule, and self-study.

We invite you to lectures every two weeks on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. On days off from work and holidays, we all rest.

The time between sessions should be devoted to self-study.

In order for us to issue you a certificate of completion of the entire theoretical training or module, you must meet two conditions.

The first is the attendance rate of 75%.

The second is to pass internal theoretical exams in all subjects in the training or module.

To meet the expectations of our students, we make it possible to take the ATPL(A) theoretical exams at the Civil Aviation Office during the course!

Theoretical training is divided into 3 modules, consisting of 3 to 5 subjects. After passing a given module, we can issue you a certificate of its completion, which will authorize you to take state exams in exactly the same subjects.

We conduct the MCC theoretical training in the form of traditional lectures, which take place according to a specific schedule. A detailed schedule is published on the website in the MCC training tab.

In addition to theoretical training for PPL(A), ATPL(A) and MCC, the rest of the training is more individual. If you participate in a professional program, as soon as you are ready, we will organize for you the theoretical training required to obtain the next license and complete the next module of the program. However, if you are interested in attending only one training for a specific qualification at LFA, please follow our website!

Health and education

A medical certificate is a document confirming the fulfillment of health requirements for pilots. To start with, there are two things you need to know about medical certificates:

  1. They are issued by certified centers of aviation medicine, the full list of which can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority.
  2. For pilots, certificates are issued in two classes. Class 1 is required from professional pilots, airline pilots and candidates for these licenses. Class 2 is required for private pilots and applicants for this licence.

If you are thinking about training for professional qualifications and you are not sure whether you will meet all the requirements, it is worth doing the first examinations for class 1 before deciding on the training.

If, however, you are sure of your health, you will need a class 2 certificate before starting the practical training for the PPL(A) license, and a class 1 certificate before starting the CPL(A) license training.

Of course! Not all airline pilots have perfect eyesight. The regulations regarding air personnel allow certain vision defects, including the wearing of glasses and corrective lenses, but the final decision is always taken by the medical examiner.

We do not expect any particular physical fitness from you. However, your condition must be good enough to obtain an aero-medical certificate.

Did you know that the height of the first American astronauts ranged from 170 to 180 centimeters? The regulations do not specify a minimum and maximum height for pilots and candidates.

The regulations do not specify the requirements for the knowledge of English from candidates starting aviation training. However, if you are thinking about professional flying, a good command of English will be essential. Remember that all ATPL(A) training materials and exams at the Civil Aviation Authority are in English.

In addition, you will need to pass an English language exam in accordance with ICAO standards before obtaining your instrument rating, and ultimately you want to work in a very international environment.

The ICAO English language exam is a test that determines your level of knowledge of aviation English according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Passing this exam, i.e. obtaining at least level 4, is required from professional pilots and those who want to fly outside Poland.

At LOT Flight Academy, we expect you to pass the ICAO exam at the latest before starting of the practical flight training.

The regulations do not require a specific education. However, knowledge of the basics of mathematics and physics as well as a good command of English will certainly be useful during the training.